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Hearing about the importance of leadership in the business world is not uncommon.  It’s no secret that a good leader helps foster positive employee development, mindset, and attitude.  A good leader is always finding ways to help their employees or team grow; having a growth mindset in leadership is an essential factor.  While some people have a misconception that positive leadership focuses on constant praise and rewards, a growth mindset is more about having a focus on progress and consistent learning.  Forbes contributor, Glenn Llopis, explains, “To lead business transformation, leaders must learn how to transform themselves to define the future growth of their businesses.”

Here are a few major traits for developing a growth mindset:

Get Rid of the Tunnel Vision

Being a leader requires you to have an understanding of the needs and opinions of others.  Even in situations where you think you may have the best solution or reasoning, having that tunnel vision can do more harm than good.  Keep an open mind. Take the time to listen to the needs of the individuals on your team, and understand their unique perspectives. Often times, the perspectives of others around you can assist in addressing issues or developing a specific plan.

Be Prepared for Uncertainty and the Unexpected

Business is full of risk and change; it can often cause uncertainty which may alter your decision-making process.  As a leader with a growth mindset, it’s important that you’re ready to embrace the changes that may come your way. Don’t let things like changes throw you off or alter your choices.  Take them into consideration, and act accordingly. Additionally, make sure your team feels good about any changes or potential risks. Ease any worries or fear, and keep an open door to discuss things further if need be.

Grow With Your Employees

While you want to foster growth within your team, you should also make it a point to focus on personal growth as well.  As a leader, you never stop learning, and you can learn a lot from your team and the others around you. Though you’re in a higher position, it’s important that you evolve with your team.  Let them know that you value their insights, and you take them into serious consideration.

Leadership is an important aspect of business; having a growth mindset can enhance this and thoroughly improve your skills.