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Mary Mickel

Professional Overview

Since 2012 Mary Mickel has been a partner at Resplendent Hospitality, one of Austin, Texas’ leading PR and Marketing agencies. Resplendent Hospitality exclusively focuses on the food and hospitality industry. As a result of the agency’s specialization, clients receive unparalleled service that caters to their industry. The passion and dedication that Mary and her team bring to each client campaign help set Resplendent Hospitality apart from the competition.

Mary Mickel graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2008 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. However, before starting down the path to become a PR professional, Mary worked in the restaurant industry for years. Even though Mary decided to focus on PR in college, she knew that she still wanted to be involved in the restaurant industry in some manner. When she learned that hospitality was a popular niche in PR, she immediately knew the path she wanted to take in the PR industry.

The best aspect of working in the PR industry is that there is something different to do every day. In particular, Mary Mickel enjoys the process of crafting creative strategies for every client. A strategy must meet a number of goals in order to be successful. Some of these goals include: placing unbiased editorial content in various media, ensuring that the brand message is consistent across each platform (both digital and in print), and making sure that the presented message is captivating to the audience. The above goals are just some of the numerous factors that Mary keeps in mind while working on a strategy with a client. Since each client is different and has different goals, each strategy must complement the client’s goals.

Throughout her career, Mary Mickel has had the opportunity to work on a number of notable projects. For example, Mary and her team helped Chef Bryce Gilmore with the launch of two restaurants, Barley Swine and Odd Duck. Both restaurants have received positive press in publications like Food & Wine Magazine, GQ, Details Magazine. The James Beard Foundation has nominated Chef Gilmore on a number of different occasions. Mary learned a lot from working with Chef Gilmore, and this knowledge has been applied to subsequent campaigns to ensure their success.

Resplendent Hospitality only works with clients that they feel 100% passionate about. Mary Mickel never looks at a client as just another number. By only working with clients that the organization truly cares about, the Resplendent Hospitality team finds it easy to give 110% of themselves on every campaign. Every person that works for Resplendent Hospitality has a background that’s related to the food industry, such as working in a restaurant or writing about food. This knowledge and experience of the restaurant industry give Resplendent Hospitality a unique insight into working with chefs and restaurants.  

The PR industry is one of the most exciting industries to work in. As the digital media landscape changes, PR agencies must alter their approach if they want to take advantage of online platforms. Mary Mickel is excited by the industry’s move to adopt online platforms to reach audiences. While it is still important to focus on traditional print platforms, websites and social media profiles are becoming just as important for brands. Mary enjoys working in the digital space, and she looks forward to crafting online strategies for every client.

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