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When you’re looking to grow your business and your brand, Public Relations (PR) is an area on which you should always focus. Having a solid PR strategy is a great way to not only increase brand awareness but essentially build up your business to potentially increase customer base, sales, and revenue.  While good business practices require regular customer engagement and interaction, a PR strategy tends to take this to the next level.

According to Inc. contributor, Adam Fridman, “A simple positive comment or tweet about your product from an internet user can add an extra layer of trust and credibility to your brand, which can also translate to some new business for you. Now imagine the effect such comment–more like news–will have on your brand when it comes from a powerful and respected third party, like a media house. That’s the power of public relations.”

Here are a few great PR tactics to help increase brand awareness and grow your business:

Content Creation & Publishing

PR, from a basic perspective, is gaining exposure to an organization’s audiences using avenues that appeal to their audience’s and public interests.  One sure tactic you want to factor into your PR strategy is high-quality content creation. Creating regular content that will appeal to your audience will help keep them in the loop about what’s going on with your company.  You’ll want to make sure you’re publishing content in relevant areas as well. Your websites and any other social profiles are a great housing platform for any Press Releases, blog posts, or general organizational news. Additionally, you can utilize third-party publications to increase your outreach.


One of the most important aspects of running a successful business, whether it’s large or small, is maintaining transparency with your audience and customers.  Loyal consumers want to know what’s going on with your brand (this goes back to your content creation). What’s important, is to make sure anything you’re publishing is accurate and authentic.  Authentic brands create loyal consumers. Stray away from stretching the truth or publishing any content that may not be relevant to what you’re doing.

Media Networking & Social Platforms

The media is a great platform to use when building a PR strategy. Develop strong relationships with media firms that will work towards building a reputation for your company.  Additionally, social media platforms and influencers are also a fantastic tool. Today, many businesses interact and engage with their consumers via the web and social media platforms.  Use your platforms to directly engage with consumers and address any questions, concerns, or issues.

Competition is fierce in the business world.  Having a trusted PR plan is a great way to grow your business and increase your potential for success.